Glovebox Side launcher

Glovebox is the best sidebar launcher available for Android.
Select apps without lifting the finger from the screen or just let the bar open with a quick swipe and release.


Give your Android phone a new and modern look while you improve its usability.

Leave feedback and report bugs on the official XDA Developers thread, or you can send an email using the contact form.

Key features

- Apps/Shortcuts/Widgets on the side bar;
- Pin recent task's;
- Unread count badges;
- Visible/Invisible triggers;
- Floating widgets;
- Icon pack support (Apex & Nova);
- Reorder apps.
- Personalize the side bar & icons.
- Recent apps menu.
- Blacklist (apps that will pause Glovebox).



Q: How can i change the icons style?
A: You can either select an icon pack from Personalization settings page, or to change a specific app icon, go to the bar content page, tap the chosen app then tap the icon button.

Q: How does Blacklist works?
A: Add to the blacklist, all the apps where you don't want to use Glovebox.
Every time you navigating in one of the apps in this list, Glovebox will pause and resume once you live.

Q: I bought the premium version, now is asking to purchase it again (using the same account). What to do?
A: Try to clear the cache and data of Play Store, then start Play Store at least once.
Android Settings>Apps>Play Store app>Clear Cache/Data.
If this didn't work contact by email.

Q: Why does the app need  DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS permission?
A: This permission is only necessary for Direct Dial shortcuts that might be added to the apps list.

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